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Finding Wisdom in Nemo

We’ve all heard the clichés: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This too shall pass. Take it one day at a time. These were some of the pearls of wisdom I repeated to myself during my divorce. And while they may be useful and true, let’s face it, they’re dated.

When I’m dealing with some sort of personal struggle, no matter how big or small, I immediately try to do everything I can to turn things around—to find a way to make things better. But some of those old platitudes just don’t cut it anymore.

We need a new-age philosopher to unearth a modern-day gem that will instantly lift us up. Well, look no further. I have the catchphrase that not only holds the same inspiring meaning as those previously noted, but this one has the added benefit of bringing with it a spontaneous smile. Yes, it’s that good!

So whenever I need to give myself a nudge to push forward in life, I remember the wisdom of our contemporary sage of the sea, the wise and renowned Paracanthurus Hepatus—better known as the blue tang fish Dory. Her positivity and naïve determination when she says "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming," will take you past your moment of despair.

It’s important when using this pearl to see Dory in your mind’s eye, and to hear her carefree voice in your head. Also, imitate her melodic inflection, and repeat the phrase exactly twice, just as she does. Say it with me now, Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. See how well it works!

This little motto can be useful in all different kinds of applications—everything from thinking you can’t spin for another thirty seconds during your workout to feeling you can’t stay sober for another day. It’s precisely during these times you must remember Paracanturus’s enlightened words. I promise that Dory will help to set you straight and take the “can’t” right out of your vocabulary.

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