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Unliving the Dream


April 1, 2016

Trill Publishing

Things are darn near perfect for Alex Fisher: she runs a successful business with the love of her life, her husband and the father of her two great kids. She’s managed to sail through nearly forty years without so much as a hiccup. That is, until the night her husband announces he’d like to make a change—a change that has apparently been going on for months without Alex’s knowledge.  Yes, he’s been having an affair with her office assistant, aka Alex’s friend.


Suddenly Alex is bouncing through divorce, through her daughter’s subsequent rebellion, and through the big questions of who Alex herself really is and what she really wants.


No longer living the dream, Alex uses her calm logic, internal dialogue, and sizzling wit—not to mention her friends—to turn the shock of a lifetime into an adventure of self-discovery that takes her from the tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea, to the Utah wilderness, and, finally, along the impoverished streets of Peru.


In this universal tale told through a unique voice, Alex finds that no one escapes unscathed—but we can all have a good laugh and some major personal growth along the way. A humorous, compassionate, and honest look at how the worst time in one’s life ultimately leads to unexpected fulfillment and authenticity.

A Note from the Author

If you've been through life—real, messy, what-the-hell-am-I-doing-life —there's no doubt you'll see yourself in the pages of this book!


There’s the newly divorced woman struggling to move on, the single parent who faces teen challenges, the career woman who’s trying to find balance, the woman who’s not fulfilling her dreams, and the woman who has a chance to make a change but struggles to find the courage.


Some of the most important heroes in this book are my sister-soulmates: my incredible friends. It’s so important for women to have good girlfriends. It’s critical to our well-being and sanity. We need each other to enrich the quality of our lives. It’s a form of therapy!


If you get one treasure from this book, I hope it's a new awareness of the kind of opportunities we have in front of us on a daily basis. I believe in finding the positive in every situation, and that we are fortunate to have choices when most of the world struggles just to survive. Let's try to live with intregrity and compassion. It can be a challenge at times, but then, life is a constant challenge to be and do better.


And that’s the truth!


Believing in You,


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