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Unliving the Dream Book Club & Group Guide

Book clubs love Unliving the Dream! The novel sparks laughter, tears, and conversation on topics that affect us all: relationships, family, expectations, resilience, and becoming your best self.

Sandra loves visiting your book club or group! She can attend in person or via video conference to answer your questions.


Contact Sandra with details about your upcoming event!

Book Discussion Questions

Did you relate to Alex? Why or why not?

Has there been a pivotal life event that caused you to discover your best self?

Have you ever been there for a friend going through a difficult time? Or was someone else there for you?

What role has travel played in your life?

How do you maintain a sense of self in your romantic relationships?

How has your view of marriage or parenthood changed over the years?

Divorce & Parenting Group Topics

Did having a spouse keep you from fulfilling some of your dreams? Why?


How do you keep yourself from feeling bitter?


Could you work with your ex if it meant having the financial resources to give your children a better and more stable life?


Where do you find the strength to keep moving forward through your divorce?

What would you do if you had a teenager like Lily? How would you help heal her wounds? 

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